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We are workshop_elite, a writing workshop and an unofficial offshoot of hogwarts_elite, a Harry Potter sorting community. Simply put, we're all in this together to learn to become better writers. If you've somehow stumbled in without knowing that, get thee to sorting_elite and find out where you belong. It's radtastic and nobody bites, not even the Badgers. XD

Workshoppery! We have two workshopping styles around here:1. Anonymous workshoppery!» Every two weeks we will make a fic submissions/prompt post, with a thread for anonymous fic posting.
» Responding to the prompt is encouraged, but any fic is welcome!
» A week later, the fics will be posted for anonymous feedback.
» Two weeks after that, the feedback will be posted.

2. Non-anonymous workshoppery!
» Make a post the community, following posting guidelines.
» Brace for impact, get feedback, viola!
Prompts! » Prompts will be posted with each fic submission post, and will be chosen in a round-robin manner.
» Round-robin works like so: Cedric picks the prompt of "Glittery" for the first period and passes the prompt to Hermione, who picks the prompt of "Firewhisky" for the second period. She then passes the prompt to Draco, who prompts "Bartending in the dark" for the next period. The fourth period, it's Cho with the prompt of "Crack".
» tl;dr version, that period's prompt-chooser picks the next period's prompt-chooser.
» Prompts can be anything, from a single word to a specific scene request.
Canon Discussion! » Got a writing question, canon or otherwise? Nothing is too trivial or too cracked-out, from what Crayola color best describes Ron's hair (Neon Carrot or Burnt Orange, it's the question of the ages) or what page was it again, when Snape -- well, you know. Ask it! We'll chat it out!Games & Contests! » Games and contests (like Mad Libs! And Last Drabble Standing! And Etc!) will happen every now and again. Details will be posted when they're announced!
Regular posts, prompts and our collective sheer awesomeness.

» Both writing and feedback should be submitted in a semi-structured form, and you can find those forms here: Writing Submission Form and Feedback Submission Form.
» In non-anonymous postings, up to one line can be uncut. Please to cut after that!
» We accept any HP-related or original fic, essay or poetry.
» You may submit up to two works per anonymous post, one for the prompt and one unrelated to the prompt.
» You may submit works already posted elsewhere (like quills_elite!).
» To assure lots of feedback, please comment on the other fics if you are a submitting author.
» Anyone can submit feedback, from authors to readers to your mom's dog. Especially your mom's dog :3
» Wanna know moar? Read the starter's guide!

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